Science Talent

1. Science Talent

Science Talent is created by Dr.Ying’s inspiration to make children to be good and happy at science. We teach children through teaching materials, toys and experiments. So that children understand basic of science and thinking correctly in Visual Science and then children can extend on advance scientific content.

2. Programs

Our Programs are aligned with the Ministry of Education curriculum. Children will learn through play, conducting experimental activities, and the invention of science toys. We emphasize hands-on practice so that children can practice the process of thinking step by step, improve problem-solving skills, make rational decisions, study with fun, be happy, have a positive attitude, and understanding how that principle is obtained, which is not memorization. Children will be able to apply their knowledge to school and discover answers to everyday spectacles.

3. How we teach children?

We will let students start with a trial lesson to assess the children’s fundamentals. After that, we will organize the classroom and plan for the teaching content to suit the children by classifying them according to their grade level. The institute’s curriculum includes Thai, EP, and Inter courses, which correspond to school learning.

4. Grade level of children

Our institute offering Kindergarten 1 – Grade 9

Our curriculum and teaching are accredited in Education Alliance Finland. 🇫🇮

Science Talent